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Building on a successful partnership that spans 15 years, executive Richard Burton and entrepreneur Dean Hopkins have once again joined forces, this time to venture into the world of competitive motorsports.  At the 2007 Targa Newfoundland this team posted an impressive 5th place finish earning their coveted Silver Plate on the first attempt.  Both are experienced adventure sports participants (downhill mountain biking, kite surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding).  Their combined experience in team building and management guarantees a top-notch, high-performance Gumball STi Team!

  Richard Burton   Dean Hopkins  
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  Richard is a bank executive and successfully manages a balance life of professional concerns and athletic adventures. He has a work hard race hard approach to everything that he has ever done, and Targa is not exception.

Watch for the Gumball STI racing Subaru rally-spec road machine as Richard in a tear attacks the Targa course and pilots this beast through the racing wilds of Newfoundland

The Gumball STI Racing team thrives on challenges, and as such Dean is the perfect compliment to Richard's all out driving style.

By day Dean is a seasoned entrepreneur who has survived more than 12 years as the CEO of a public company. In comparison Targa will be a "cake walk".


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To help with the odds the Gumball STI racing support crew for this year is a team of Subaru specialists.  This seasoned crew has rally experience and is bringing a full cadre of supporting equipment.  

    THE CREW  

No team would be complete without a full crew of roadies. What the Gumball STI Racing team lacks in experience this roadie crew hopes to more than make up for in entertainment factor. Watch for their antics and the blue race trailer at all of the major stops during the race, it is sure to be a crowd pleaser. This outgoing crew is looking forward to friendly locals, stunning fjords, strange towns, wild locals, salty air, burning rubber, pigeons, and sheep scattering, and supporting a man possessed by the opportunity for outrageous fun at breakneck speeds through the heart of nowhere.